Renovating a swimming pool is not an easy task and a hard decision to take, but there is much recent advancement in technology of swimming pools to make all the hardness worth to take. Old and problem giving pools can know be turn into mesmerizingly luxurious pools. Homeowners can use each and every feature to make it more and more smoother and effortless to run. Many people don’t have idea of much advancement in this regard, so they prefer their existing pools. They think that this is still a very hard job, do not let yourself feared from these things in this era of so much advanced technology.

Salt water chlorinators are one of these new technologies regarding pools. They have eliminated the need of storing and the manual application of the chlorine. Salt can be converted into chlorine instead to fulfill the needs of it when required, with a simple chemical reaction. The creation of chlorine in swimming pool has itself increase the cleansing, and it has done due to the chemical reaction.  So with this new technology there is no need to bother with adding and checking the chlorines. These chlorinators will regulate their own chlorines so there will not be any itchy eye and green hairs.

To upgrade the visual effects of your pool and give is a dreamier look at night one can install color LED and fiber optic lightings. This is a very liked and recent advanced technology to renovate the pool. These lights can be inserted directly into the floor or walls of the spa or pool. The body using pool will also glow with these lighting. These lights can increase the commercial use of spa, will attract people more and more to swim. Also the homeowners will love to swim at nights. These lights are to give a new life to pools. These lights are the best decoration in case you are planning to have a pool party at night, you pool area will look more enchanted only with these light without so much decoration. There are many lights which are in multicolor and can shift their colors from one to another.

Aggregate pool plasters are also a very creative and logical technology. It can give protection to concrete gunite pools, and keep them safe from damaging. Same as LED lighting they provide beautiful colors to pools surface. They are best alternatives for white boring Marcite plaster. They can be purchase in variety of texture and are more durable and increased the standard too.  

Electric auto fills are another new technology related to pools renovations. They will keep the level of water as required because it has a tendency to evaporate and it can prevent the filters and pumps from working properly.