Just like personal loans, there’s a range of options to choose from when it comes to business car finance Robina. The most sought after is business car loans with no collateral, and there are reasons for the prominence. If you’re looking to get finances for your business car without collateral, you’ll need to ensure that you can submit a personal guarantee.

Rates of interests

The interest rates are higher in the case of non-collateral loans because they aren’t asking you for any collateral to lend you finances. In this concept, the lenders don’t have anything to hold on you in case something goes wrong, and the repayment isn’t made on time. Only you credit history is critical in this case. When you have a favorable credit profile, you’ll have your loan approved. For this reason, the rates would be considerably higher. Another reason why the rates are higher is that the lender’s security is at stake. The lender will only be able to compensate for the losses they may face in case of failure through interest rates.  

Time Taken

In the case of collateral loans, some lenders may take weeks to pass the papers to be scrutinized and verified. Then, it may take a few more months to have the process completed. If there are any errors or clarifications or more supportive of your documentation required, you may need to begin the process all over again. However, you could escape all these hardships by availing business car loans on a non-collateral basis.

Therefore, ensure that before you go for the loan, you’re sure you can handle it all carefully. You require ensuring that your business can repay that loan on time. After getting it all assured, you could then apply for one. Otherwise, there’s no fun in wasting your time and effort on a slow and unsure seasonal business.   

Lengthy Period for Repayment

Another reason to choose the collateral type of business car loans is that you’ll be provided with feasible rates of interest on the loans. The lengthy period you have to replay this type of loan won’t be a constraint or give you a headache. That will allow you to recover from the next season when your business picks up again.


Sometimes, looking for business car finance Robina can be easy if you know where to start. You could need the car dealership, which sells your business the car to advise you on the lenders of the car loans. It could be a finance company or bank or some local credit unions. Some lenders worth considering include local credit unions, banks, and captive finance companies.